Bio-Min & Bio-Black


Using Bio-Min will make a difference to the long-term success of your aquarium and the fish and plants that live within it.

What does Bio-Min do?

Bio-Min will increase the hardness of the water, creating a more stable environment for fish.

Bio-Min also contains electrolytes, these help in the development of the fish's organs and skeletal structure.

Bio-Min will stabilise pH. Continuously dropping pH levels will seriously affect the health of your aquarium, reducing pH levels are due to the build up of acids. These acids are a byproduct of the aquarium itself, as it is the fish, plants, and bacteria that live in the aquarium that are producing these toxins. These toxins are one of the biggest killers of our fish.

The addition of Bio-Min with each water change will help stabilise the pH. It is recommended that you monitor the pH levels with a pH test kit. If further pH adjustments are needed they can be made with Biotope pH/KH Booster or pH Reducer. (All Bio-Min products with the exception of Bio-Min Tropical will stabilise the pH.)

Bio-Min is salt free

Bio-Min is free from sodium chloride (common salt). High levels of salt (salinity) in the water will restrict plant growth, which may lead to increased algae growth, fresh water fish are also affected by high salinity the higher the salinity in the water, the more the fish will become dehydrated in very high levels of salt fish will die due to this process.

Why fish become dehydrated

This process is called osmosis (osmosis is the exchange of external fluids with internal body fl uid) as external salt levels are increased fish will excrete more body fluids into the water in an attempt to dilute the salt, this will reduce the fluids in the fish's body causing the fish to become dehydrated. This is the primary reason why fresh water fish will not survive in salt water. This process is reversed when putting salt water fish into fresh water. Salt water fish draw in massive amounts of fresh water in an attempt to increase the external salt levels, this will lead to the fish drowning.

There is a Bio-Min for every tank:

Bio-Min Tropical

For newly set-up aquariums or for aquariums that need a pH lower than 7.00.

Bio-Min Tropical Plus

Built-in slow release pH stabiliser, suitable for tropical tanks that require a stable pH of 7.00 to 7.25 the perfect pH for the average tropical tank.

Bio-Min Heavy Duty

For heavily stocked tanks, large tropical fish species, heavily stocked breeding tanks, where large amounts of acids are being produced.

Bio-Min African Cichlid

For all African cichlids.

Bio-Min Goldfish

For all goldfish tanks, ponds and bowls.


Bio-Black is essential for all tropical and cold water aquariums.

What is Bio-Black?

Bio-Black is a source of trace elements, tannins and humic acids, all of which play their part in a healthy aquarium.

When conditioning the aquarium with Bio-Black we are not looking to remove substances from our tap water or rain water, but what we are doing is adding to, and improving the quality of the water to make it fish tank friendly. What we as humans are looking for from our water supply is clean water for drinking, great for us, but not so for our fish. Our fish need Bio-Black.

How does Bio-Black work?

Adding Bio-Black and Bio-Min to your fish tank will establish a stable and healthy infrastructure for the aquarium to be built on.

When conditioning your fish tank you must consider what the fish require, and equally so, what the aquarium requires.

Keeping fish alive in your fish tank is totally different to fish living in a river.

The aquarium is an artificial environment and needs to be respected as such, there are two very important differences: the aquarium is a closed system as opposed to a river which is an open system. The second difference is that our aquarium is totally based on a biological structure whereas a river is not, that is why we must consider the needs of both the fish and the infrastructure of the tank.

What are open and closed systems?

An open system like a river is free flowing, it is continuously being fed by fresh water from up stream, and continues to flow until it runs into the ocean. A closed system is a totally isolated body of water like an aquarium, it's this isolation that triggers a dramatic change in the chemical and biological structure within the water and our filtration system.

What is a biological structure?

A biological structure in an aquarium is basically the colonisation of thousands of micro-organisms living within the water and the filtration system. These organisms will continue to multiply in their millions due to the abundant waste in the water created by our pet fish.

In a river the fish population per litre of water is thousands or millions of times less, therefore, the numbers of these organism are minute, by comparison.

So what does this all mean and how does it relate to Bio-Black?

Without a stable biological structure all of our fish would die: that's on the upside, on the down side, the chances of infection due to damage to the fish's mucus membrane, gills, fins etc. are increased, regular water changes, water testing, good filtration and the addition of Bio-Min and Bio-Black to the water will keep your fish healthy. Bio-Black takes the harshness out of the water and helps protect the fish mucus membrane (body slime) and aids the growth of good bacteria.

What else does Bio-Black do?

Bio-Black promotes breeding in many species of fish, especially Discus and other Amazon fish.

Bio-Black can enhance the colours of your fish.

In general, Bio-Black just makes your fish feel good.


Value for money

Bio-Min and Bio-Black are great value for money. Available in 125 mL, 250 mL, 1 litre and 2.5 litre bottles, catering for all size fish tanks, from the small bench top tanks to large aquariums.

Bottle exchange

Take advantage of the discounts available through our bottle exchange program, which is available only through our authorized dealers. Simply return your empty 1 litre or 2.5 litre bottles and receive huge discounts on a replacement bottle.


Biotope was established in Melbourne in 1985, with the aim of producing world quality water conditioners here in Victoria. Today, we believe we are achieving this, however, we knew that producing a high quality product alone would not be enough, we also needed to produce a product that was easy to understand and use.

All of our products are colour coded for easy identification.

All of our water conditioners require the same amount to be added with each water change, eliminating the chance of overdosing your aquarium.

Easy to follow Biotope water maintenance work charts are available by clicking here or visiting one of our authorized distributors.

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