Our history

Biotope was first established in Melbourne in 1985 with the aim of producing world quality water conditioners here in Australia.

Biotope director and manager Gary Higgs established Biotope with the aim of marketing the products exclusively through his own retail stores, and did so successfully for 22 years.

Month after month the sales and popularity of the products continued to grow, at the end of the first year production had to be moved from the back of one of the retail shops into its own premises, making Biotope a true stand-alone company.

Not realising it at the time (but now grateful for) is that we were in a unique position, not only were we manufacturing the product but we were also selling it to the end user, we knew first hand what you wanted and what you thought of our products. This feedback has been an integral part of the ongoing development of Biotope.

In 2010 we are now producing a product that's backed with 25 years' experience. A product that has grown and improved and will continue to do so in the future.

Biotope can be purchased online and through our dealer network. Please check our dealer listings for your nearest outlet.

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