About Gary Higgs

Gary first entered the aquarium industry in 1980 as a retailer, purchasing a very small shop that was basically run down, falling down, and with only a handful of customers. Gary, at 22, could only see a bright future, even though he had no business experience, and knew very little about keeping fish alive, through pure determination and maybe a touch of naivety, it was full steam ahead.

Within the first year the business was moved next door to larger premises. The sales were steadily growing, enabling more staff to be employed that would help to grow the business; they had a knowledge of fish keeping and diseases, and a background in science.

Gary took every opportunity to learn more from his team and with his previous practical experience this was the foundation for the future. He has owned and run a licensed tropical fish import and quarantine station; has bred many species of fish and owned a chain of aquarium stores.

What Gary enjoyed most over the years was working with the public, solving problems and teaching beginners how to become successful fish keepers.

Having sold his retail stores and new concentrating on Biotope, he is missing the interaction with the public, if you have a problem or a question regarding your aquarium send an email to enquiries@biotope.com.au or visit one of our dealers.

Here's to your successful aquarium experience.
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