Repti-Min Turtle

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Repti-Min Turtle all in one mineral water conditioner

Repti-Min Turtle

(1) Increase the General Hardness to 12 degrees and the Carbonate Hardness to 2 degrees

(2) Increases and stabilizes the pH at 7.50 to 7.80

(3) Adds essential electrolytes

(4) Turtles need calcium, calcium plays an essential role in the health and the growth of the Turtles shell. Lack of calcium may lead to a softening of the shell which is often fatal to the Turtle. Repti-Min Turtle is rich in calcium.

Turtles of all ages require calcium, but it is the young Turtles that are at greatest risk if the calcium levels are too low. Young Turtles need higher levels of calcium to keep up with their growth and shell development. 


(5) Repti-Min Turtle is available in a standard strength a concentrate.

Standard Strength Repti-Min is available in a 125ml and 250ml bottle with a dose rate of 10ml per 7 litres.

Concentrate Repti-Min is available in a 250ml, 1 litres, 2.5 litre and a 10 litre bottle with a dose rate of 10ml per 15 litre.


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